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Highlights: Nikola Jokic drops another triple double

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Video highlights of Nikola Jokic’s 6th triple double

NBA: Denver Nuggets at Charlotte Hornets Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Nikola Jokic got a triple double tonight. It was his 6th of the season, the most in a single season ever by a foreign born player. That’s a pretty obscure stat and probably doesn’t mean a whole lot but in a week that has seen the Nuggets blow three winnable games and all but eliminate themselves from playoff contention, even obscure stats are welcome.

Joker had everything working tonight. He even managed to drain a pair of three-pointers, something it feels like he hasn’t done in weeks. He had a dozen highlight-worthy plays and, lucky for Denver Stiffs, the YouTuber “Down To Buck” is a Jokic fan and makes highlight mixes for almost all of Jokic’s games.

Check it out. With just a couple of weeks left, it might be one of the last of the year. What on earth are wek going to do once Nuggets season is over?