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Teams circling pick 8 in 2016 NBA Draft

According to Adrian Wojnarowski Sacramento is taking calls about pick 8

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Sacramento Kings is taking calls with pick number 8 being the center-piece of all communications according to Adrian Wojnarowski.

The pick directly behind the Nuggets has a big impact on the players the Nuggets can draft with pick 15 and 19 provided they hold on tho them. Sacramento is known to be fairly volatile and could make a giant trade which pushes them further up the draft potentially taking Marquese Chriss or Jamal Murray if they fall to them. Sacramento trading up in the draft just causes even more confusion and makes it that much harder to predict who will be available at pick 7.

Phoenix has been reported as a team looking to move picks and they could be involved in a potential deal, with the Kings possibly looking to throw former first round pick Ben McLemore into any deal.