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Denver Nuggets Tweet of the Week: Mike Miller

Mike Miller responded to a fan on Twitter this week that gently informed the Nuggets player he was soon going to be passed on the list of all-time three-pointers made by none other than Stephen Curry.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

There are certain things in life you just know are coming. For example, Mike Miller had to have known for a while that he would soon be passed on the list of all-time three pointers made, considering Stephen Curry was fast approaching his spot. When a fan on Twitter pointed out that Curry was at 1,573 threes in the 20th spot, just 7 threes away from passing Miller at 1,580, Miller responded in the best way possible. He let fans know in a joking manner that he's perfectly aware of the inevitability of being passed, by pretending to naively hold onto hope of maintaining his position on the list.

It's funny because, realistically, Curry could pass Miller in one game. It will be quite the feat when he does pass him, considering Miller has 8 years on Curry and 9 more years of experience in the league. It puts into perspective just how incredible what he is doing really is.

Miller better take a screenshot of that list now, because it's going to look different in a matter of days.