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New CSG Video: Jusuf Nurkic and Danilo Gallinari talk about returning to play

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With Danilo Gallinari and Jusuf Nurkic set to return against the Golden State Warriors, head coach Michael Malone ... Gallo and Nurkic talk about Golden State and returning to play.

You forget how confident Jusuf Nurkic is. He projects an air of utmost confidence, bordering on swagger at all times. The guy just doesn't care. He's been itching to play for a month now ... pestering trainers and coaches alike about returning to the floor for the Nuggets. This is good to see and it's nice to have him wanting to return so badly, particularly since this Nuggets team is so beat up. Juka's minutes will be monitored and limited for awhile until he proves he can carry the load.

Danilo Gallinari will also be back, and he was his usual self in this interview. The team really misses his spacing, length and ability to draw fouls. You don't realize how important it is until it's no longer on the floor. While Will Barton has been able to put up fantastic numbers, Gallo draws so much attention from defenses by himself that you hope his presence out there can help himself AND the newfound confidence and swag from Barton

Hope you Enjoy the video. Looking forward to the Nuggets taking on the Golden State Warriors tomorrow.