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Denver Stiffs T-Shirts are in!

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The Denver Stiffs T-Shirts are in! Order one today and have it in time for Christmas.

Great news, fellow Stiffs: the Denver Stiffs T-shirts are in!

Two months ago at our very first Stiffs Night Out of the season, we debuted the new Denver Stiffs T-Shirts and they were a huge hit. So, by popular demand, we now have them available to purchase.

These shirts are pretty sick and a great way for you to show off both your Denver Nuggets and Denver Stiffs pride. These could make great gifts for Christmas.  You can also rep the Stiffs at the upcoming Denver Sidekicks home game on January 10th. The shirts are deep Navy blue with a shiny gold logo of the classic Denver skyline in front of the Rocky Mountains.

Order them at the link below!