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New CSG Video: Nikola Jokic shooting around at Nuggets practice

Nikola Jokic shows that he is on his way back from straining his back against the Oklahoma City Thunder in the latest CSG Video.

There is just something about Denver Nuggets rookie Nikola Jokic that seems special. Despite not having the most athletic body, he has something that people can't quite put their finger on, yet get excited about. Many of us reporters watching the Nuggets light shoot around after watching film said the same thing.

Jokic could absolutely be a game changer.

It's still early in the process, but the way Jokic works and is dedicated to the game ... and doesn't seem to be overwhelmed is one of those rare things. Additionally Jokic has excellent shooting form for a big man and has already displayed a great ability to get to loose balls. Tie in with his great passing ability and his natural basketball IQ, we may be seeing something that will single handedly make the entire Tim Connelly regime one of the best.

No pressure really.

NBA observers are liking what they see from Jokic, and you can't help but get excited with the prospect. What are your thoughts Nuggets fans?