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Denver Nuggets Debut White Gold Uniforms

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Denver broke out their newest look last night

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Despite a losing effort, the Denver Nuggets did manage to show off their new threads for the first time last night in their matchup against the Golden State Warriors. The Nuggets have dubbed the new jerseys as "White Gold" and it was fitting that their first appearance was against Golden State. It is also the first Nuggets jersey ever to feature sleeves.

While yours truly is a pretty big fan of the White Gold jerseys (would love to get an Emmanuel Mudiay for case the wife is reading...) they seemed to get mixed reviews on twitter.

Sleeved jerseys in general are also somewhat controversial. Some players, most notably Lebron James, have complained that the sleeves restrict the shooting motion and thus lead to quite a few bricks. For the record Denver shot 43% from the field last night and only 26.7% from three.  Read into that what you will but blaming the jerseys for the poor shooting, in my opinion, would be a stretch, especially for this Nuggets team who doesn't shoot particularly well no matter what they are wearing.