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Game thread: Denver Nuggets at New Orleans Pelicans

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After two days rest, the Nuggets look to bounce back from their putrid performance at Phoenix Saturday night.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Game two of a three game road trip - the first real road trip of the year - has the Denver Nuggets facing the currently woeful New Orleans Pelicans. Picked by many to be a shoe in for the playoffs in the competitive Western conference, injuries have left new Pelicans head man, Alvin Gentry, grasping at straws at who to put on the floor, let alone work on developing the offensive flow that seemed to be the one lacking aspect of last year's team.

For the Nuggets, coming off their worst performance of this young season, New Orleans my just prove the tonic needed to get them back on track. The Pelicans have struggled both on defense and in finding anyone outside of Anthony Davis who can consistently put the round, bouncy thingy through the orange ring thingy. However, given Denver's Jekyll and Hyde performances through their first ten games, predicting anything in this game would take a better crystal ball than this writer possesses.

Side note: I won't be in the game thread until late, so be nice to each other.