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Photoshop Friday: Magic Mike Miller

In this week's edition of Denver Stiffs Photoshop Friday, we're celebrating new Denver Nuggets forward, Mike Miller, as well as all other Mike's and Millers.

Photoshop Friday is a weekly series in which the Denver Stiffs staff creates a theme and our readers and Nuggets fans around the world submit their best photoshops that fit the theme. It's the perfect thing to help kill your work productivity and help you slog through the malaise of the final business hours before the weekend.  Send us your best photoshops at, tweet us using #DenverStiffs, or add your photo in the comments, either here or on Faceook.  The best (or worst?) submissions will be retweeted on our official @DenverStiffs twitter account and posted in the article.

In honor of the newest addition to the Denver Nuggets roster, we are going with a Mike theme. Or is it a Miller theme?  You decide!  Send us your best photoshops featuring Mike Miller and other famous Mike's and/or Millers.  There are just sooooooo many to choose from.

You've got, Michael Jackson's Thriller, Mike Miller

You've got Denver Broncos star Von Miller, Mike Miller

You've got that famous video game from the 90's, Mike Miller's Punchout!

You've even got Magic Mike Miller (submitted by TyLawsome)