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2014 NBA Draft: Mock draft still mocking Nuggets fans

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With NBA mock draft all over the board for the Nuggets' 11th pick, we don't seem to have any indication who the Nuggets will be selecting in the draft.

Nik Stauskas is on the Nuggets radar with the 11th pick.
Nik Stauskas is on the Nuggets radar with the 11th pick.
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

We really don't have any idea who the Nuggets will draft with the 11th pick or if they'll be keeping the 11th pick in the upcoming June 26th NBA draft. It seems that the experts also can't come up with a consensus pick for the Nuggets, so we continue to look at various names that might be available when/if the Nuggets pick.

Draft Express has the Nuggets taking Dario Saric, Chris Mannix from Sports Illustrated has Denver selecting Nik Stauskas, and the CBS team each has the Nuggets taking different guys as Gary Parrish agrees with Mannix with Stauskas, Zach Harper has Denver taking Dario Saric, and Matt Moore selects Doug McDermott for the Nuggets.

One thing that the experts seem to be agreeing on is that Joel Embiid has real traction to be the no. 1 overall pick. Only Parrish is picking Wiggins to go first overall. Embiid has all the talent in the world and it would be best if he went to a team that could have a little patience with him. We'll see what happens on draft night ...