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Open thread: 2014 NBA Playoffs part 2

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Ya biffed it tonight Chris Paul
Ya biffed it tonight Chris Paul
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Oh my. Those were some entertaining first couple of games weren't they? To those who say that the NBA Playoffs aren't entertaining ... what are you looking at? Your hand? Stop looking at your hand and pay attention to the game. You hand isn't entertaining ... the playoffs are!

Blake Griffin and Andre Iguodala managed to foul out of their game (!!) and Chris Paul choked so bad that it was almost disturbing. What happened to you CP3? How do you chunk two consecutive free throws if you hit them as well as you do? You've been in the playoffs before my man. Whats the deal?

Next we have Atlanta at Indiana. This game may be the only stinker of the day. If it holds true to form, it may just be as entertaining as the last two were. The night closes out with a Memphis at OKC slugfest. WOOOOOO boy. I love me some NBA basketball!