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Bucks vs. Nuggets: Game Thread

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Please leave all your game comments here and keep the GIFs down until after the contest is over.

Corey Brewer is ready for anything.
Corey Brewer is ready for anything.
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

What to watch:

Defense: How will Denver defend Ersan llyasova? He's a big time perimeter threat, but can also play in the post. Do the Nuggets put Kenneth Faried on him or will they go with Danilo Gallinari?

The guards - I would assume that Ty Lawson will handle Brandon Jennings and Andre Iguodala will mainly be on Monta Ellis as Ellis is more of a threat in the post.

Offense: How many points can the Nuggets score inside? Larry Sanders is a tremendous shot blocker, but he'll have his hands full tonight - especially if the Bucks guards are not able to slow down Lawson and Company on the attack.

Enjoy the game and Go Nuggets!