Golden Nuggets: Welcome to the Ty Lawson Show

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Welcome to the TyLawesome show, where the Nuggets are 4-6 clearly tanking for Andrew Wiggins, and I dig around the internet to bring the readers of Denver Stiffs Nuggets and non-nuggets related basketball news and rummaging around the association, and also some "Off Topic" stuff because this is Golden Nuggets.

With a Player Efficiency Rating (PER) of 23.9, Ty Lawson has the 3rd highest PER among point guards (behind Steph Curry and Chris Paul), and he's averaging 22 points per game and 8.7 assists, his stats are only 2nd to Chris Paul (20 ppg and 13 apg). Will the man finally make his first all star team this year?!?

Nugget News:

For those of you lucky enough to have HBO premium programming, there will be a Brian Shaw interview tonight on Real Sports with Bryant Gumble. Shaw gets very personal and opens up about his family and the accident from 20 years ago. Catch the two minute preview here.

USA today refuses to let the Kenneth Faried trade rumors go away. I guess we'll just have to live with them all season long like we did with Carmelo Anthony's "Melo-drama" a few years back. A guess we could call the ensuing chaos Manimal Farm? Here's a snippet from USA today:

Faried's known desire for a huge payday via extension next summer was enough to inspire the decision maker to test his market value around the league as a way of considering all his options.

Ben Hochman writes a piece on locker room culture among Denver sports franchises. As the former beat writer of the Nuggets, he is sure not to forget one interesting, (and very scary for one player) moment in the Nuggets' locker room:

One time, Smith had Martin's car filled with buttered popcorn, and Martin came storming into the locker room, screaming expletives and threatening violence.

Jeff Morton's favorite writer ever (sarcasm font) Royce Young gives his own take on yesterday's Nuggets vs Thunder game. Although he wants to spend the recap drooling over some move Kevin Durant made yesterday, he does give credit for the win to one player: Derek Fisher!?!? Yep, Mr. why haven't I retired yet?

Except it completely paid off. The Thunder’s big run, erasing a 12-point fourth quarter deficit, happened with Fisher on the floor. In fact, Fisher’s defense and energy was actually a catalyst for it, as he bodied and defended Nate Robinson, Ty Lawson and Andre Miller all over the floor. Fisher blew up passing lanes, hustled through pick-and-rolls and just basically played his high-butt off for all 12 minutes of the fourth. The Thunder don’t win this game without him tonight.

Other Rummagings around the league:

Speaking of Mr. Why haven't I retired yet, Steve Nash is reportedly considering just that ...

With 2 playoff matchups in the past 2 years, the Grizzlies-Clippers has become one of the NBA's most interesting and heated rivalries. Although the Grizzlies won last night in La, noted defensive specialist Tony Allen may have tried to hard on defense (or perhaps took out some frustration?) and got himself ejected.

Coach David Thorpe gives a break down of the Golden State Warriors, here. Despite Andre Iguodala being a mole "malcontent who isn't fun to play with", he seems to be fitting with the Warriors so far. Thorpe also believes Ricky Rubio needs to "score more" while Henry Abbott isn't even sure that's possible.

Many Nuggets fans have an eye on the Knicks this season. Why? We could possibly be receiving their draft pick this year of course! They received some news today as starting point guard and professional cupcake eater Ray Felton has revealed he has a pinched nerve in his hip.

That will do it for me today.

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