Trade question from a jazz fan.....

Just so I don't look like a homer, I work graveyards and have hours to do nothing better than dream up trade scenarios with other teams.

Also, the Jazz are willing to deal one of their big men for draft picks and young talent, so that's the main criteria I've looked for in trades.

Nuggets get- Paul Millsap

Sixers get-Wilson Chandler

Jazz get- Dorrell Wright, Jordan Hamilton, and first round draft picks from both teams. (Depending on how much you guys value Hamilton, maybe just a draft pick from the Sixers).

This trade could very easily push the nuggets from a 5th seed out West to a top 2 seed. Millsap ranked 4th in PER among power forwards last year, and would be a great compliment next to McGee (could also be the 6th man of the year if you have Faried start).

Jazz most likely won't resign Al or Millsap (or both) next year, and will be looking to get something in return while we still can. Wright is an expiring contract, but Hamilton and a draft pick would be good compensation for Millsap in my eyes.

Philly is looking to make some noise in the playoffs to help convince bynum to stay, and the upgrade from Wright to Chandler could definitely help, while losing a draft pick might not hurt so bad since it seems they're now in "win now" mode.

Do you do this if you're the Nuggets?! What do you guys say.

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