NBA Eve: It's Time To Get Fired Up

The NBA is filled with bad press. It has all been a PR nightmare from getting trades vetoed, to Snoop Dogg's twitter blowing up calling Pau Gasol a wuss (to put it nicely), to suddenly having ESPN make you feel like this NBA season is headed towards a Clippers - Knicks NBA finals (even though both teams will be middle seeded at best playoff teams).

I feel it, trust me I do. But you want to know the deal? In just 2 days you have your Denver Nuggets taking the court in Dallas. It doesn't matter what people say, because Ty Lawson is going to continue to be one of the most underrated PG's in the league. It doesn't matter what people say because Nene is going to be slamming night in and night out no matter how much dancing the Clippers are doing, or how much shit Snoop Dogg is posting about the Lakers on his Twitter feed. It doesn't matter how many points Carmello scores in the Garden, because Gallinari is going to make it rain in the Pepsi Center all winter long. It doesn't matter how many stars some of those other teams have, or what team the media is focusing on nationally because Denver you've got a talented team taking the floor.

I am in my 7th month of living in Colorado, after being raised in Minneapolis and living the last 8 years in Iowa. I have no reason to be a Nuggets fan really (and really the Nuggets won't surpass my T-Wolves) other than the fact I live here now, and I'm fired up. George Karl is a genius, the Nuggets are incredibly underrated, and I expect to see some solid team basketball. I get the Nuggets don't really have a star player, and it's a star driven league, but basketball itself is a team sport. Do I think Denver can win a championship? No. But can they have a hell of a season that's entertaining for all of us basketball fans? Heck yes!

I'm excited to spend some time this season watching the Nuggets, and am looking forward in participating in the chatter here. Here's to a great 2011-12 season. I'm fired up! Who else is with me?!

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