Damion James

Well, with the new rainstorm of rumors that we heard today it sounds like there really could be a shot of Melo going to New Jersey.

The proposed deal that I have seen is Favors, Murphy and humphries as well as at least 1 1st rounder for Melo. If I was Denver I would work extremely hard to either include JR Smith and take back Damion James or to add Damion James and another expiring to replace humphries in the deal.

I read up a little on this Damion James cat and he was a solid college player that sounds like has incredible upside in the NBA. At 6'7 and 225 with it sounds like freakish athletic abilities and a good 3 point shot, he could be a nice replacement at SF for Melo in the next couple of years. I like T-Will a lot as well and I think any deal should include both Favors and Williams and/or James.

A roster of: PG: Lawson, SG: Afflalo, SF: James, PF: Favors, C: (Horford/Gasol) someone Denver signs in 2011 FA with all the money they get in expiring contracs. That could be a sweet team in the next couple of years. Especially if Favors pans out like Amare and James like a Gerald Wallace type players. I say Gerald Wallace cuz James was a 15 ppg 10 rpg guy in college with a some what similar build to Wallace and freakish athletic ability. This should probably should be a comment in someone elses post but I thought i'd put it in one of these. Let me know what you guys think.

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