Lebron James is a bigger A-hole than you know

This is a great story with behind the scenes info. Including the fact that they nearly didn't allow James to play on the 2008 olympic team because he is such a giant asshole. Sounds like he toned it down to medium sized asshole for the olympics and they allowed him on the team.

"When the mandate had been to gather these immense egos and get the NBA’s greatest players to fit into a program, no one had a more difficult time meshing into the framework than James. Other players made it a point to learn the names of staffers and modestly go about their business without barking orders and brash demands."

"No one could stand James as a 19-year-old in the 2004 Athens Olympics, nor the 2006 World Championships"

“Legacies were on the line,” one league official said, “and they weren’t going to let LeBron [expletive] it up for everyone in China.”

The more you see about this jackass, the more and more glad I am that Denver didn't get him in the draft.

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