Open Letter to E. Stanley Kroenke

Mr. Kroenke,

I've never had the pleasure of meeting you, so let me introduce myself. My name is Jeff. I am 32 years old. I have been a lifelong Nuggets fan, a sometimes season ticket holder, and an all-season watcher (including the dreadful 11-win season of 1997). I work as an agent for artists and I'm also an ad executive at a top advertising agency in Denver

Most open letters such as this are usually filled with a litany of complaints, gripes and dissatisfaction. I'm afraid that my letter will infringe upon those territories. However, I promise that is not the overall point of my correspondence. I merely seek to ask the overriding question that I and several other fans such as me (the people who frequently post on the best basketball blog on the NBA, Denver Stiffs) want to know: What is the plan?

Since Marcus Camby was traded in the Summer of 2008 we have been told through the press that you are preaching fiscal responsibility. You will no longer pay over the luxury tax for a team that underachieves. This is understood by most, if not all fans. When the Nuggets flamed out in the 2008 playoffs to the Lakers it was understood that a change needed to happen. And it did. In came Chauncey Billups, home town hero and NBA Champion, to our beloved Nuggets and we reached the Western Conference finals in 2009. The town and city went bonkers. It seems, now, that it was a one year wonder.

What is troubling are a series of non decisions, tentative attempts, and sometimes general apathy to improve this team....even within the framework of fiscal responsibility. The 10 million dollar trade exception was allowed to expire. We have not bolstered our front line when there have been (according to your own executives) many opportunities to do so. Failing that, last off season we were told by your executives that we will wait for Nene to "improve" and all we had to do is show patience. It was shown, and improvement was again not made.

This off season we have two injured big men. Kenyon Martin and Chris Andersen who we have been told won't even be ready to start the season. Today we learned that one of our only healthy big men, Johan Petro, signed with the New Jersey Nets. What is disturbing about this situation is we have been told, by your front office through leaks to the media and other sources that the Nuggets executives (Rex Chapman and Mark Warkentein) have "tried" to do something. During the draft we were told by Chapman that they "tried" to enter the draft. In the last two weeks of free agency we have been told that we "tried" to trade Kenyon on draft night to the Warriors. We "tried" to acquire Jermaine O'Neil. We are "trying" to get Al Jefferson and Lou Amundson. No results. This has made it appear to Nuggets fans, and maybe the NBA that our team front office is weak.

Again, I respectfully ask....what is the plan?

While I am confident that Melo will sign the extension you generously offered him, I'm wondering what it is your goals are for winning a championship. For that matter, I wonder what your plans are for an in flux and borderline incompetent front office structure that sometimes defies logic? Who is making decisions and who is running the organization?

We as Nuggets fans are tied in knots wondering if we are going to start the season with no big men....but moreover, we don't know what it is you have been trying to accomplish these last weeks. Almost zero communication with the public in Denver has led to endless speculation, leaks and general distrust of what comes out of the Pepsi Center. If you, Wark, or at the very least Rex Chapman can come out and tell us something....anything....about your plan for the Nuggets it would go a long way to at least giving we as Nuggets fans something to prepare for.

Meanwhile, yes, I will keep watching. There is no threat with this letter to withhold my fanship. Only a sincere request from a lifelong Nuggets fan to answer the question we all want to know.

E. Stanley Kroenke.....what is the plan?


Jeff (aka jpage78)

Nuggets fan

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