Some notes from the Inter squad game +

104.3 with Karl

- Karl said Melo is having his best camp to date and that in his sit down with Melo he told Melo he needs to figure out his goals and become a more complete player and said that he needs to improve his D, not only to make the team better but to make himself better.

- Karl also talked about JR and how in his sit down with him, told JR he has lots of good and lots of bad and that Karl would take less good if it meant less bad. He said that he told JR that he doesn't want him dribbling the ball much till December and that he wants him to come off screens and such to get into the game. The biggest thing though is that Karl said that during his one on one with JR he told JR that he doesn't know if he can take much badand that if he comes with more bad play then he wouldn't see playing time.


-Jr got the 3rd loudest introduction by the fans, Melo being 2nd and CB being 1. I guess there are more people like me who like JR than not, or people were too drunk before the game to realize who's name was being annouced

-Bird and Kmart were in attendance Before the game and inbetween quarters they would walk around and sign stuff for the fans. It was pretty obvious Bird was also looking for any hot woman to 'sign' stuff for.

- I was kind of sad the crowd didn't give a loud welcome to Karl, hopefully Oct 27th will be different, I hope people get loudest for him then.

- Each team had uniforms which I guess JR didn't get the memo cause he was on the white shirts but was wearing white shorts (which all teams wore blue shorts) This was very odd


-Right out of the gates Big AL looked awesome and continued the whole night. I kept telling my wife that if he could play like this each night that we would be a contender to LA. Hitting jump shots and 3's and playing good D (for a pre-preseason game)

- #0, I kept trying to get the name of this player (names weren't on jersey's) but he was awesome, 200% hustle on both ends and played Melo often and kept up. Dunno who this guy is but he was impressive.

- Wlliams looked as good as one can in a game like this. Didn't get many touches but played decent D. I think as the year goes he will prove to be somewhat valuable to Denver, with all the injuries.

- Lawson looked great, hitting 3's and a few nice dishes. He was on 104.3 saying how he changed his shot and how it would make him a better shooter. If true, holy balls. I don't keep stats but i think he went 4-6 in 1st half from down town, though i think he made more than that!

- Melo looked like Melo, though i did notice he was barking more on D than I'm used to him seeing. Let's hope that continues

- If anyone out played AL or TY it was JR. He hit pretty much everything he tossed at the rim it seemed

Wife and I left after halftime cause i have been battling a stomach bug. Go Nugs!

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