Potential third teams in a melo trade.

I am probably not alone in thinking that the Nuggets will still trade Carmelo. The question is when and who do we get in return? Will there be a third team?

Could it be the ATL Hawks? They can offer Jamal Crawford and his 11m expiring contract. They also could do for an upgrade at PG. They can also offer a (kinda) serviceable player to run the show for the nets.

This trade nets us (lol) three promising rookies, Jamal Crawford and Humphreys as filler. Atl gets a big upgrade at PG, gets rid of jamal and his contract situation, yet replaces his production with JR's. The Nets get Bibby and Anthony, nuff said.

Or could Toronto get in on the action and use that TPE that they get from bosh? They have a solid PG to offer for Harris, a former nuggets pick, Jarret Jack. Denver gets huge cap relief from this deal and I think that the Nets would do this in a second. The only holdup would be Toronto's reluctance to part with 9M of that TPE and how much of an upgrade Harris really is over Jack.

I think that these deals would work pretty well and I am absolutely befuddled by the incompetence of the Nets FO. Could they really not find a better deal than Andrei Kirlenko?

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