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KMart fined $25k for foul on Dirk

Well this is pretty ridiculous:

The NBA has hit Denver Nuggets forward Kenyon Martin with a $25,000 fine and upgraded his Game 1 foul on Dallas' Dirk Nowitzki to a flagrant foul, league sources told on Monday.


An official announcement from the NBA confirming Martin's penalties is expected later Monday.

With 5:57 to play in the first quarter of Sunday's Game 1, Martin was called for a technical foul after knocking Nowitzki to the ground with a hard bump along the baseline after Nowitzki made his first six shots from the floor.

Nowitzki finished with 28 points and 10 rebounds but shot only 6-for-16 after the hot start. Denver pulled away in the fourth quarter for a 109-95 triumph to take a 1-0 series lead entering Tuesday night's Game 2 at the Pepsi Center.

The flagrant foul is Martin's first of the postseason and, after the upgrade from a technical to a flagrant foul penalty 1, puts one point in Martin's playoff "account." Players who exceed three points receive an automatic suspension for the next game after the three-point barrier is surpassed.

It's believed that Martin's history of hard fouls -- compared to Boston's Rajon Rondo, who escaped punishment for high-profile fouls in the Celtics' first-round series with Chicago -- led to a fine in addition to the reclassification of the foul.

Read the full story here.

Like Altitude TV's Scott Hastings would say, You can call this a flagrant ... that's fine. But you have to call it both ways. Rajon Rondo clearly got away with a game altering foul and the NBA has set a the bar ... PUSHING IS NOT OKAY ... PUNCHING IN THE FACE HOWEVER, IS JUST FINE!

I'm sure this play is on YouTube and I'll try to post the link to it ... but from how it looked to me Martin got a good amount of body on Dirk, but clearly the German flopped.