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Golden Nuggets


Some links worth your time:

--Benjamin Hochman's latest mailbag delves into various Nuggets topics like "What is George Karl's fascination with Linas Kleiza?" And Hochman tells us who may get his vote for MVP.

--ESPN's John Hollinger tackles the stronger and weaker teams come playoff time in regards to reserve minutes being reduced in his latest Per Diem.

--ESPN's David Thorpe discusses this season's rookies and their future promise.

--Dave over at Blazers Edge talks NBA Contraction. Al Jefferson coming to a team near you?

--If you haven't read Aaronstampler over on Pounding the Rock you need to. This Spurs writer has some great insight and wit with this 'Life Goes On' for the Spurs piece.

--See where the Nuggets rank on Yahoo! Sports' Ball Don't Lie's latest power rankings.