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O Skita, Where Art Thou?...

Courtesy of my friends over at Hugging Harold Reynolds, it's been brought to my attention that none other than all-time Nuggets draft bust - and Denver Stiffs Hall of Famer - Nikoloz Tskitishvili is on the New York Knicks Summer League roster. As pointed out by one of this blog's readers the other day, Skita would tease Nuggets fans annually with stellar Summer League performances which were never replicated in real NBA games. Skita will make his debut with the Knicks today at 4pm MST.

Of more concern to Nuggets fans today shouldn't be their past, but rather their immediate future. At 8pm MST tonight the Nuggets Summer League squad will face off against their San Antonio Spurs counterparts. That means all eyes will be on DeJuan Blair, whom the Nuggets - along with just about every other team in the NBA except the Spurs - passed on in last June's draft. While most of us were in agreement that selling our 34th overall pick might have necessary given the Nuggets current financial situation, there's a good chance we'll be kicking ourselves every time we see Blair suit up in black and silver.

Blair received rave reviews in his Summer League debut by posting a double-double coming off the bench. But if following Skita over the years has taught us anything, it's not to put too much stock in Summer League performances.