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Not the start we were hoping for (Summer League debut recap)...

I have a ton to do before heading to Las Vegas tomorrow, so unfortunately I have to make this brief. First off, I must admit that I didn't see tonight's game, but I had a good excuse: I had the pleasure of attending my mother's - a lifelong Nuggets season ticket holder - graduation party for completing her PhD in clinical psychology.

But in looking at the box score, a few numbers jump out at me: 2-16, 0-7 and 1-5. That's what Sonny Weems, Ty Lawson and Kareem Rush shot, respectively, in the Nuggets' summer timers 78-76 loss to the Spurs Summer League squad. Alarmingly poor shooting numbers to be certain, but we'll give them a pass as it was their first summer league outing. Hopefully tomorrow night - when I'm in the stands - these Nuggets will put up a far superior performance.

On the positive side, however, here are a few more numbers to have in mind: 6-7 and 3-4. That's what Coby Karl shot from the field and behind the three-point arc, respectively, in 25 minutes of playing time. I know a lot of readers are adamantly opposed to the coach's son making the training camp roster, but if Coby keeps this up he'll earn his way into a camp invite.

I'll be "twittering" from the game tomorrow so be sure to follow me there if you're interested. My Twitter account name is denverstiffs and if you scroll down the right side of this blog, you can elect to follow my account right there.