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What about Denver Stiffs?...

In the comments section of yesterday's post regarding five offseason questions facing the Nuggets, longtime and loyal Denver Stiffs reader "Eric K" suggested I add a sixth question:

When is the DenverStiffs website going to get an upgrade or face lift?

Rather than reply to Eric directly, I thought I'd share my answer with all of you. The answer is yes, Denver Stiffs will be getting a face lift both graphically and technologically over the summer, and those changes are already in the works. I don't want to get into too many of the specifics of what we're trying to do and by when as I don't want to over-promise and then under-deliver (like the "60 win" 2007-08 Nuggets did), but I'll comment on some of the general things that we're attempting to do.

What began as a hobby for me has burgeoned into something much more. After the site changed from to in May of 2008 the traffic quadrupled and continues to increase. That being said, I've been so focused on the writing of the blog that I haven't paid enough attention to improving/running the blog. And since I have two other day jobs, I was only able to focus on the writing this past season. But if I can insist on no excuses from George Karl and the Nuggets players, than I can't have any excuses either. Here's a brief overview of some of things we're working on to make your Denver Stiffs experience a better one...

-Previewing columns on the home page that link to the full column on a secondary page. As I'm sure you'll agree with, I don't like how one article (like this one that you're reading now) bumps all the other content so far down the page that even recent content gets buried. If a reader hasn't checked into the site for a few days, he/she should be able to see what's been offered recently. Moreover, sometimes two or three Nuggets-related stories break in the same day (whether they come from me or elsewhere) and deserve separate posts for everyone to comment on. So this is in the works.

-Comment threads. As Eric suggested in his comment yesterday, we need a thread system so that readers can comment on other's comments. That way, you can follow a specific debate or if you have a unique perspective in response to an article, it gets linked to from the article, not piggybacking on another reader's comment. And I'd like it to work in a way so you get notified when someone comments on your comment (that idea might be a bit tricky as I believe it would involve a registration system, but we're looking into it).

-Content-wise, I want to do more reader feedback columns. I get a lot of great, thoughtful questions via email and in the comments section, and need to start posting answers to those on the site because they spark interesting conversations and debates about the Nuggets. The only problem is that in the blog's current format, those Q&A columns would be so long that all the other content would be buried. This is another reason why we'll be moving to a column preview format.

-For the look and feel of the site, rest assured that whatever we modify Denver Stiffs will remain easy to navigate through and won't be over burdened with tons of graphics and a messy layout. I hate sites that take a while to load because they are cluttered with big photos and too much video content. Denver Stiffs will forever have a simple, easy-to-follow look and feel.

And I have other "big ideas" for the site beyond what is mentioned here, but I'd like to save those for when they actually come to fruition and/or the new site is up and running.

Please bear with us as these changes will take some time to implement - after all, as much as I love writing this blog it's not my full time job (yet!) - but our goal is to have a revamped site up well before the 2009-10 season kicks off. Since we've just begun this process, I welcome any thoughts, ideas and suggestions you might have that you think would improve Denver Stiffs. You can either email them to me directly at or post them in the comments here. I read every email and every comment and take your suggestions seriously.

Thanks as always for your incredibly loyal and passionate readership!