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Off to Blogs With Balls...

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In my effort to continually improve this blog (and let's be frank, have a great excuse to sneak away to New York for a fun weekend) I'll be attending the first annual "Blogs With Balls" this weekend in Manhattan.

"Blogs With Balls" is a sports bloggers conference. That's right mainstream sports media, we have our own conferences now! In theory, this conference will give me new ideas for how I could be improving this site, reach more readers, maybe make a few dollars on the side, and so forth. Moreover, it will be a great opportunity to meet some fellow NBA bloggers, many of whom have either linked to or mentioned Denver Stiffs in the past.

When I return from my weekend excursion to the Big Apple, we'll dive back in with the rest of our Denver Stiffs offseason series, focusing next on the futures of Chris Andersen, Dahntay Jones and Anthony Carter. In the meantime, for those who live in the Denver area, please try to avoid tornadoes this weekend...