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[UPDATED] Checking in on the mock drafts...

With the mock drafts changing by the hour, here's the latest rundown on the projections for the Nuggets pick - 34th overall - from various NBA Draft "experts" as of 3:40pm MST...'s Chad Ford still has the Nuggets drafting ASU's Jeff Pendergraph.

HoopsWorld is no longer predicting that the Nuggets will draft UNC's Danny Green and now has the Nuggets taking Sergio Llull of Spain. If this comes true, it could be a salary cap play whereby Llull stays overseas for another year or two before coming to the Nuggets. is now calling Gonzaga's Josh Heytvelt to be drafted by the Nuggets at 34. Now this guy has potential to be a true Denver "Stiff" in the classic sense of the word according to Doug Moe!

5280's Robert Sanchez wants to go on record saying that the Nuggets will draft Missouri's DeMarre Carroll, citing owner Stan Kroenke's and his son Josh's favoritism towards Mizzou players.

And the guys at DraftExpress now have UCLA's Darren Collison falling to the Nuggets at 34. Could Collison be 2009-10's version of Mario Chalmers?

And of course, the Post has still not made a prediction nor have they given us any up-to-date draft coverage. I'm still not even sure they're "covering" the draft.

According to published reports, the Nuggets didn't work out any of the above mentioned players except Collison. But as mentioned in Part 2 of the Denver Stiffs Draft Preview, that doesn't mean the Nuggets won't draft them.