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Memo to Nuggets fans: Let's be better than this...

More details are coming to light from last night's disgusting scene in the American Airlines Arena stands. The Denver Post's Chris Dempsey does a good job explaining what exactly was going on, which included objects being thrown at Carmelo Anthony's wife and Kenyon Martin's mom and girlfriend. Reportedly, a beer was thrown at K-Mart's mom, which if true is as despicable an act as we've seen since that Pistons fan threw the beer at Ron Artest to prompt the Malice at the Palace a few years back.

And be sure to read Deadspin's Dashiell Bennett's coverage of the Mavericks fans sewer-worthy behavior, as only a blog can. Bennett's coverage includes a video of Melo's wife fighting to leave the stands and another of Kenyon Martin calling out Mavericks owner Mark Cuban as a "faggot motherf-----r".

Nuggets vice president of player personnel Rex Chapman summed it up best:

"Short of a game I saw in Belgrade a couple of years ago where they were throwing chairs and setting off flares, it was about as dangerous a venue I've been in."

Way to be classy, Dallas.

But when Game 5 shifts to Denver tomorrow night, I don't want to see a single Nuggets fan act out of line. Boo, hiss, scream, make ridiculous signs, demand that Texas secedes from the United States, and so forth. But we must - let me repeat, must - refrain from doing anything that could disrupt our Nuggets from appearing in their first Western Conference Finals in 24 years. Mark Cuban's absence from Game 5 should go a long way to preserving the peace.

Denver sports fans (and admittedly it's always just a few bad apples that spoil the bunch) don't exactly have a great track record of restraining themselves. In 1995 when the San Antonio Spurs were sweeping the Nuggets off the McNichols Arena court in Game 3, several Nuggets fans threw objects onto the floor forcing the refs to delay the game and then Nuggets "coach" Bernie Bickerstaff to get on a microphone mid-game and demand that the fans behave.

In 1998, Denver fans started a riot while celebrating the Broncos Super Bowl victory over the Green Bay Packers. In 1999, two Broncos fans had their season tickets revoked after hurling snowballs at Oakland Raiders players during a Monday night game. And in 2000, then Broncos coach Mike Shanahan was hit in the head by a battery thrown by a fan in the stands.

Most recently, we remember an asshole Nuggets fan throwing a bottle in the direction of the Hornets bench during Game 1 of that series.

I know most Nuggets fans agree that distracting our team from the matter at hand is the last thing we want to do. We want to see the Nuggets destroy the Mavericks by 30 points in front of a raucous crowd at Pepsi Center tomorrow night, not stoppages in play because a few fans try to outdo their Maverick counterparts boorishness.

Let's show Dallas how it's done properly - on the floor and in the stands.