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The fix is in!...

You're about to witness one of the biggest fixes of the century tonight. And no, I'm not talking about the refs guaranteeing a Lakers victory over our Nuggets.

With the Nuggets actually playing into late May (by the way, I still can't believe it's May 19th and the Nuggets have at least four more basketball games to play), what was once my favorite night of the year has been an afterthought. And that would be the NBA Draft Lottery.

In the midst of Nuggets/Lakers predictions, rants going back and forth between Nuggets and Lakers fans and so forth, I had to be reminded that the Draft Lottery was taking place before tipoff tonight. Reminded!! What was once my Super Bowl has become a mild curiosity.

But while the Nuggets coach and players will (and should) be focused solely on beating the Lakers tonight, the organization and fans need to keep on eye on the Draft Lottery results. Because the division rival Thunder, who hijacked the city of Seattle in order to relocate to Oklahoma City (read: had to pay a lot of money to - errrrr - I mean pull a lot of strings with the NBA and its board of governors), will most likely get the first pick.

And with that pick, the Thunder - who conveniently are in need of a power forward - will conveniently get to draft local Oklahoma star Blake Griffin. Just as the Cavaliers "happened" to land the number one pick when a local star named LeBron James was available in 2003 (even though the Nuggets had an equally bad record) and the Bulls "happened" to land the number one pick last year when the Chicago-born Derrick Rose was available.

Call me crazy. Call me a conspiracy theorist. But until the NBA shows the damn ping pong balls and makes the lottery 100% transparent, we can only assume that the fix is in.