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Unable to win two "feel good" games in a row...

Nuggets/Jazz Recap...

Article courtesy of Goldennugget.

I am not going to be as quick as most people to criticize our Nuggets. We all know this team has bi-polar disorder, the only thing left to do to make it official is make an appointment for the whole team to see a psychiatrist and get diagnosed. Lets be honest, we all loved the (what, 19 point?) lead in the second quarter, but it was still inevitable that we would lose it sometime or another. The biggest shock for most people was probably how quickly we lost it though. A timeout to stop the Jazz's run at the last two minutes of the second quarter would have been ideal, but we are seriously fooling ourselves with if we think that way.

"Ideal" is a word that shouldn't exist in a loyal Denver Stiff reader's vocabulary. We get what we get with Boy George and we can't trick ourselves into thinking that we actually can reach our full potential because then we would be living a lie. The good thing is we still have the division lead, and that's the bottom line. We can complain all day about what we coulda, shoulda, woulda done, but we should still be happy with where we are considering who's at the helm.

Now, for some more specific commentary. J.R. Smith and Carmelo Anthony's isolations need to be as limited as possible. When those guys get the ball they think they have to go one-on-one. There isn't a part in their brain's that says: "Hey, look for the open man!". Their heads just don't work that way, sadly.

The other thing I want to mention is the identity of the Nuggets. Our identity is good defense. When we play good defense we play our best ball. You can see the confidence glistening off each of the players when we play good defense, which leads to good possessions on offense, and thus gives us our leads such as our big one we had in the second quarter. It's when we stop playing defense when we let the other teams in the game.

It is definitely frustrating watching games like tonight. This Nuggets team does not often get real "feel good" wins, if you know what I mean. Those are the ones where you walk away from the game feeling better than you did when you first started watching the game. We had one against the Lakers and the one against Portland the other night was good, but not quite on the level of the Lakers win. A win tonight in Utah would have been one of those "feel good" wins. In my opinion the more of these we continue to stack up the better prepared we will be in the postseason.

I personally can brush off the loss tonight. Utah is a great team whom many picked to get the second seed in the Western Conference and we gave them a pretty good game, though it was far from satisfying. The thing we all have got to be conscious of is the remaining schedule of Utah compared to us. Utah has only seven home games remaining for the entire rest of the year as apposed to our 11, not to mention 13 of their remaining games are versus opponents who are above .500. So lets not get down on ourselves just yet. We still have a long way to go and if we play tough, physical defense, and take care of business against weaker opponents, I think we are right in the mix for the division title and home court advantage. Lets rally behind our troops guys and make sure they feel our love down the stretch.

Go Nuggets!

Nuggets/Jazz Preview...

Hello from Vegas, fellow Stiffs. First off, many thanks to
Goldennugget again for writing up the recap of last night's game and for doing it again after tonight's game in Utah. I didn't get into Vegas in time to throw some money on the Portland game, but i was able to watch almost all of it. Call me crazy, but I think Birdman's block on Rudy Fernandez's face might be the best block in Nuggets history.

But that was last night.

Tonight, a tired Nuggets team plays a rested Jazz team that's only won nine straight (and 10 straight at home). Oh, and the Nuggets have lost six of their last seven in Utah. And yet, while this might be me drinking the Nuggets
Kool-Aid talking, I honestly think the Nuggets could pull this off. They seem to win games that no one gives them any chance of winning. I even bet the moneyline here in Vegas on our Nuggets, which will pay me four-to-one if they end up victorious. I'll be posting Goldennugget's recap either a) tonight when I'm hammered or b) tomorrow morning when I'm hungover. Either way, I have a big Nuggets game to watch first...Go Nuggets!!