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Portland and Utah suddenly aren't so far back...

Nuggets/Pacers Recap...

I suppose it's fitting that on the same day Denver Stiffs advocated strongly for a "crunch time" lineup of Chauncey Billups, J.R. Smith, Carmelo Anthony, Nene and Chris Andersen, said lineup was on the floor for about two of the final four minutes and gave up something like four offensive rebounds while contributing nothing on offense against the Pacers in Indiana tonight. I'll still standby my belief that that's the Nuggets strongest lineup. I'd just like to see them play more than a couple minutes together in the fourth quarter.

I'm convinced the Nuggets suffer from multiple personality disorder, because this wasn't the team we saw on Friday night.

What a depressing, unnecessary loss. Granted, these Pacers have beaten several other "elite" NBA teams at Conseco Fieldhouse this season (including the Lakers and Celtics), but that was with their All-Star Danny Granger on the floor. In case you didn't notice, Granger was wearing a white suit and blue tie while sitting on the sidelines tonight. And if you're scoreboard watching like I am right now, it's more than likely that both Portland and Utah will be winning their games tonight, in addition to Houston and New Orleans already winning theirs.

I miss the good old days of pre-February 7th when a victory against a sub-.500 team was all but a guarantee with these Nuggets. From that date forward, on which the Nuggets were humiliated by the Nets in New Jersey, the Nuggets are a shocking 0-4 against sub-.500 teams. 0-4!! Had the Nuggets just split those winnable games, they would be watching Portland and Utah from their rear view mirror tonight. Instead, those teams are about to end up in the Nuggets' back seat.

Nuggets/Pacers Preview...

We all know what happened the last time the Nuggets played the Pacers: the Nuggets lost Carmelo Anthony to 10 games after Pacers' center Jeff Foster inadvertently broke Melo's hand while swiping at the ball.

As mentioned on this blog the other day, Phil Jackson says that the key to a successful season is getting your 40th victory before your 20th loss. If the Nuggets beat the Pacers today, they'll be right there - 40-20. Go Nuggets!!