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Didn't we just play these guys on a Friday night? (Nuggets/Bullets Preview 7pm MST)...

Maybe the Nuggets season will have some good symmetry to it and we're finally on the other side of their mid-season, six-week recession.

It seems like yesterday when the Nuggets were facing off against the Bullets...ok, Washington on their way to four straight wins and solidifying their status as a top-three team in the Western Conference. The game was played on yet another Friday night, February 6th to be exact, and the Nuggets clobbered the Wizards (as they've been doing routinely since Carmelo Anthony became a Nugget) 124-103 that night.

Then the wheels came off the Nuggets season.

The following night was the disastrous loss to the New Jersey Nets and the well documented fallout which saw the Nuggets lose nine of 17 games, until the Nuggets avenged that defeat against the Nets by beating them soundly on Monday in Denver. Unfortunately, for those of us who were glued to their TVs watching the Nuggets ferocious comeback in Memphis on Wednesday night, we still don't know if the pre-Nets game Nuggets are back or if we're still stuck with shaky, inconsistent, post-Nets game Nuggets. Another solid win over the Wizards might help us answer that question while matching the Nuggets season best win streak at five.

On a side note, Denver Stiffs reader Goldennugget will be taking over game recap duties again tonight and I'm looking forward to his perspective on the game.

On a double side note, be sure to click on the image above and check out former Nuggets trainer Chopper Travaglini's outfit. It's amazing!