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Birdman responds to the Bring Back Birdman petition!...

The In Denver Times' Chris Tomasson caught up with Chris "Birdman" Andersen after Nuggets shootaround today and informed him about the Bring Back Birdman petition (which is now linked to by visiting

Among Andersen's responses, this one is my favorite: "That's awesome, man. That's encouraging. That does nothing but fuel my fire and get me fired up about playing. I'm excited." And, according to Tomasson, he admits to the petition possibly swaying him to stay in Denver (I'm sure his agent loved reading that). Be sure to read the article for the rest of Andersen's comments and George Karl's reaction, too.

We certainly didn't need a petition to get the Birdman fired up, but maybe he'll block five shots tonight instead of four.