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Amundson calls Nene a "dirty player" and a "fake, tough guy"...

It's fitting that on the same day I suggested Nuggets fans to pay $4.99 a month to subscribe to the InDenverTimes, the publication's Chris Tomasson tracked down Phoenix Suns' forward Louis Amundson (who's from the Denver area) and got him to go on the record about the incident involving Nene last night. Among other things, Amundson is quoted as calling Nene "kind of a dirty player," a "fake, tough guy" and even threw in a soccer reference.

There's no question that Nene was out of line last night and deserved to be immediately ejected, but a dirty player he's not. And I certainly wouldn't question his toughness a year removed from battling cancer and having the best season of his career.

I can't wait for Amundson to show up at Pepsi Center next season...he might get booed more than Kobe Bryant does. Congratulations, Mr. Amundson, you've just earned the #1 spot on the Stiff List!