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What, me worry? The eight game road trip the Nuggets shouldn't be afraid of (assuming Chauncey isn't hurt)...

Ever since the 2008-09 Nuggets season began NBA pundits, the Denver sports media and Nuggets head coach George Karl himself have pointed to the upcoming eight straight road games that take place this month, beginning with tonight's game at Oklahoma City.

Put me down as not worried about this road trip (caveat: unless Chauncey Billups' ankle injury is worse than a mild sprain).

First off, it's not really an eight game road trip. It's a five game road trip followed by a full week off (thanks to All-Star Weekend) and then a three game road trip.

Secondly, only two of the eight teams the Nuggets will face have winning records (the Heat and Magic) and only one of them (the Magic) should be feared. As I stated a few weeks ago when talking about this road trip, the Nuggets should just concede the Magic game now and rest up. There's no way they beat Orlando one night after playing in Miami and with the All-Star break starting the following day. No way.

The other six teams (the Thunder, Wizards, Nets, 76ers, Bulls and Bucks) are garbage. I mean, did you see how the 76ers "defended" Ray Allen at the end of their near win against the Celtics last night? It was NBA incompetence at its finest.

Frankly, of the six losing teams, the matchup with the Thunder scares me the most. They're playing much better basketball as of late and have won six of their last 11 games. And four of those five losses were within just four points, including a thrilling OT loss to the Kings before the Super Bowl (and yes, I was the only non-Kings or non-Thunder fan who actually watched it). Either Denver Stiffs Interim Head Coach Hall of Famer Scott Brooks is actually doing a decent job or Kevin Durant, Jeff Green and Russell Westbrook are that good. I'm going with the latter.

Back-to-backs are always going to be a problem for the Nuggets, especially with Nene and Kenyon Martin taking a nightly pounding and Billups possibly being hurt. So of the eight games coming up, don't be surprised if the Nuggets lose to the Thunder, Nets and Magic, and win all the other games to finish 5-3 on the road in February. But here's hoping for 6-2.