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Nuggets/Wizards Preview (6pm MST)...

The Nuggets players must lick their chops and smile from ear to ear every time they see the Wizards on the schedule. The Nuggets have beaten the Wizards four out of five times in Washington, and won by almost 19 points the last two times they played. (I should know. I was in Vegas for their November 9th, 2007 matchup in Washington, I threw a lot on the Nuggets and they pounded the Wiz by 26).

Tonight shouldn't be any different, Chauncey or no Chauncey. In fact, if the Nuggets feel like they should rest Chauncey for one more game, this is the game to do it.

This Wizards team is horrendous. I actually thought Eddie Jordan did an admirable job with them last season considering the Gilbert Arenas injury distraction, and got screwed when Ernie Grunfeld fired him this season. Interim head "coach" Ed Tapscott is doing no better, having "coached" them to a 9-29 record since taking over for Jordan.

I'm not too worried about the Nuggets winning or not. I'd just like to see them win relatively easily for once this week, especially with a tough game against the Nets coming up tomorrow night.