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Another reason to be steamed about Melo not being at the All-Star Game...

I know the All-Star Game is just a meaningless exhibition, but I still can't get over Carmelo Anthony not being there. Just when I was about to let it go, I found out that former Suns' owner and current USA Basketball boss Jerry Colangelo will be presenting the "Redeem Team" with championship rings at halftime on Sunday. I assumed that meant Melo and the other non-All-Stars who were also Olympians would be there to be honored collectively. But apparently, that's not the case.

Colangelo will be presenting the rings to the six players who were both Olympians and current All-Stars only, while the non-All-Stars (like Melo) will receive their rings later "in their home cities." In my opinion, all 12 Olympians should be there or they should just do away with this ceremony in the first place.

Back to the game itself, not only is Melo better than David West, but the Nuggets are better than the Hornets and the Hornets stunk recently without the services of their true All-Star, Chris Paul. Moreover, I guarantee that if you surveyed all of the fans who attend the game on Sunday, not one would rather see West play than Melo. Not one.

I just can't let it go.