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Why must we always give games away to the Pistons?...

I very infrequently say "they should have won" because typically when a team loses, they deserve to lose. But for the third time out of five straight losses to Detroit, I think we can fairly say that the Nuggets should have beaten the Pistons tonight. But just as the Pistons seem to do regularly against the Nuggets, they figured out how to walk away with the W even though they were the inferior team for 95% of the game.
A couple quick observations from the game...
...the ovation for Allen Iverson was terrific and well-deserved. And kudos go to A.I. for a stellar second half.
...equally, I loved the booing whenever Antonio McDyess got the ball. That was also well-deserved for him refusing to play in Denver where he'd have been a great fit.
...the Nuggets "Houdini" routine of escaping with victories despite playing poorly finally caught up with them. And I don't care that Carmelo Anthony is hurt. The Pistons had to play without Rip Hamilton and Rasheed Wallace.
...when the Nuggets were desperate for offensive momentum in the second half, why the @#$%& did George Karl have a lineup of Dahntay Jones, Anthony Carter, J.R. Smith, Nene and Chris Andersen for such an extended stretch (I know the question is rhetorical)? Other than the one game J.R. started, I don't think I've seen Jones and J.R. play together for more than two minutes on the floor. game removed from a stellar performance, Linas Kleiza was a non-factor tonight. Still, wouldn't you rather take your chances with LK when your offense is stagnant than give Jones ample playing time down the stretch? Is Jones really that invaluable of a defender? I don't think so.
...J.R. deserves credit for drawing the three-point shot foul on A.I. in the closing seconds, but just as he did in the loss to the Pacers at Pepsi Center last season, he was only able to make two of the three free throws. That was heartbreaking.
...I want to know the Nuggets record when Rocky makes his halfcourt shot in the fourth quarter. The last time I can remember Rocky making that shot was against the Hornets on Thanksgiving night, and the Nuggets barely lost that game, too.
...the trend continues of the Nuggets faltering against the NBA's better teams.
...congrats to A.I. on the big road win.
(Photo courtesy of Denver Stiffs reader Mordecai)

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