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Nuggets/Rockets recap...

If there's one thing I've never done on this blog it's blame the refs for a loss. In almost 95% of the cases, when a team loses the game they deserve to lose the game for an assortment of reasons.

That wasn't the case in Houston today. This one's on Bennett Salvatore.

The Nuggets had this game. The Nuggets players never waivered in their effort. George Karl even drew up two terrific end-of-game plays (frankly, they were the best end-of-game plays I've seen him draw up in several seasons). This game was meant to be. Until...

Salvatore called a horseshit offensive foul call on Linas Kleiza with seven seconds left. Sure, there was mild contact, but Linas purposely was moving out of the way after feeding Nene that amazing pass under the basket and Chuck Hayes flopped. It wasn't a foul on Hayes either. It was a NON-CALL! Or at least should have been, just as so many flops should be. Non-calls.

It's going to take us a while to get over this one. Hopefully the Nuggets players have shorter memories than we do and can put forth a similar effort against the Kings tomorrow night.

This loss was heartbreaking. Just heartbreaking.

Congrats, Bennett Salvatore. You just became #1 on the Stiff List!!

Nuggets/Rockets preview...

If recent history is any indication, the Nuggets don't like to show up when they play at Houston. In both games at the Toyota Center last season, the Nuggets were pummeled and didn't break 90 points in either contest.

When Denver Stiffs forecast the games to be played sans Carmelo Anthony, we had today's Rockets game down as a probable loss. However, it's looking like both Tracy McGrady and Ron Artest will be out. Could the Nuggets actually steal one without Melo?