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Nuggets/Mavericks preview...

NOTE TO READERS: Since a lot of you like to comment on the game recaps but don't like waiting for the recaps to be posted, Denver Stiffs will now do mini-game previews. This will enable readers to comment during the game or immediately after, and then the preview post will morph into the recap. Since I'm having ACL surgery tomorrow, I won't get a chance to recap the Mavericks game from tonight but I trust you all understand. Go Nuggets!

While most NBA pundits would argue that the Nuggets are having a great season and the Mavericks a not-so-great season, the Mavericks find themselves just 2.5 games behind the Nuggets in the Western Conference standings. That being said, the Mavericks seem to be one of those "elite" teams that the Nuggets play very confidently against and have already won both of the teams first two matchups this season.

I'm looking for the Nuggets to make it three straight wins against Dallas and their point guard, Jason "The Poor Man's Fat Lever" Kidd.