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What, me worry?...

Nuggets/Kings recap...

Did I really write that I was concerned about the Kings giving the Nuggets problems at Pepsi Center tonight? That couldn't have been me.

Being a Nuggets fan you become so gun shy about every opponent. After all, you just don't know which version of your Nuggets are going to show up on any given night.

But we sometimes forget just how bad the bad teams in the Western Conference are this season. The Kings, Grizzlies, Timberwolves, Thunder, Warriors and Clippers are dreadful. Absolutely dreadful.

On a side note, it was nice to get a glimpse of what Johan Petro and Sonny Weems have to offer (if anything). If the Nuggets can remain focused and give a fantastic effort against these awful teams as they did tonight, we should be seeing a lot more of Johan and Sonny.

Nuggets/Kings preview...

At some point this season, the Nuggets will lose (for the first time, a remarkable streak) to a team that they absolutely shouldn't lose to. I really hope that's not tonight.

As the Nuggets played grueiling games against the Suns last Thursday, the Magic on Saturday and the Rockets yesterday, the Kings have played exactly one game: against the Bucks last Friday night. That's just the way the scheduling goes in the NBA sometimes and doesn't give the Nuggets any excuse not to clobber Sactown tonight. But it does make me nervous that the Kings could catch the Nuggets in a moment of lethargy.