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The Nuggets do something the Lakers couldn't...

Nuggets/Bobcats Recap...

The only downside I see with Carmelo Anthony's return is J.R. Smith going back to the bench and thus, his numbers will go down (and thus, my fantasy team suffers). The Bobcats were pretty awful last night, but when the Nuggets serve up a balanced attack on offense, give a great defensive effort throughout the game and get to the free throw line 35 times, they might even be able to beat the Lakers (like the Bobcats did last Tuesday).

This was the perfect game for Melo to return for. A weak opponent. At home. The rest of the Nuggets were rested. Etc. I'm sure Melo will be a bit rusty in the games to come, but with a home date against San Antonio looming in the near future, it sure was nice to see all our Nuggets on the floor for the first time in a month.

Nuggets/Bobcats Preview...

If only Bernie Bickerstaff were still coaching the Robertcats, then I could guarantee a Nuggets victory tonight. Instead, the 'Cats and their unsightly uniforms come to town led by former Nuggets coach (and one time Denver Stiffs' choice to take over for George Karl) Larry Brown.

Inarguably, the 'Cats are better off with Brown than they were with Bernie and then Sam Vincent (whose coaching career will be as forgettable as Mike Evans' was in Denver). After all, they beat the Lakers in Los Angeles this week.

But as all NBA fans know, the 'Cats best player - Gerald Wallace - took a blow to the ribs against the Lakers and he's done indefinitely. And of course, Carmelo Anthony returns for the Nuggets tonight. So if I were one of the two 'Cats fans that exist in this world, I wouldn't be optimistic about them pulling off a second huge road win in the same week.