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J.R. Smith joins Stephon Marbury in being as candid about his coach as possible...

With Stephon Marbury getting all the attention in NBA circles for his candid comments about his soon-to-be-ex-coach Mike D'Antoni and soon-to-be-ex-teammates, J.R. Smith's recent comments about his relationship with George Karl will likely get overlooked.

Not here, though, of course.

According to the Rocky Mountain News' Chris Tomasson, Smith said about his head coach: "We never talk. . .You never want to not even talk to your coach." And a few other notable quotes, as well.

With the Nuggets season going so well thanks to Karl and his players renewed efforts, I can only hope this whole Karl vs. J.R. thing gets resolved soon because it's getting ridiculous.

At the Hornets game last Thursday night, I remember looking at our lineup of Smith, Chauncey Billups, Carmelo Anthony, Kenyon Martin and Nene and saying to my brother: "name another starting five in the league that would be as talented as this one". You really can't.

Karl and Smith both need to put their egos aside and figure this out. Smith just might be that X factor that turns a good season into a potentially magical one. But we'll never know until he and his coach are on the same page, and Smith is getting consistent playing time.