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That's the only way to describe Carmelo Anthony's amazing 33-point third quarter performance against the Minnesota Timberwolves tonight.

As we've seen during several games this season, the Nuggets got off to a sluggish start against an inferior opponent. But par for the course these days in Nuggets Nation, they were able to shake it off at halftime and pull out another win.

I've tried doing some digging online to see where Melo's 33 points in one quarter places him in NBA history. I know he tied George Gervin's record and finished one point ahead of David Thompson's franchise record, but I was hoping to find out who's third, fourth, etc and I'm coming up empty. Even's history page on points is painfully thin on information for most points per quarter, per half, etc. (For those curious, Sleepy Floyd holds the record for most points in a playoff game quarter with 29).

I'll try to find more high scoring quarters later. In the meantime, I'm enjoying 15-7...

...and trying not to worry too much about the Nuggets being just three games ahead of ninth seeded Dallas.