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Happy New Year (and let's toast the end of one-party rule)!...

With Mike Shanahan's empire finally toppled, 2009 is already shaping up to be a better year. Shanny might still be a decent coach, but he was clearly spread too thin as the Broncos' Emperor-in-Chief. We can only wonder what might have been had Shanny spent all those hours actually coaching instead of "scouting" for the draft, getting Travis Henry out of trouble or managing the salary cap.
With a few, very rare exceptions like Pat Riley in Miami and Gregg Popovich in San Antonio (although they both have partners on the General Manager level), having the same person be head coach and team president almost never works out in professional sports. Especially if that person's first name is Mike - like Mike Dunleavy (didn't work in Milwaukee and now it's not working in Los Angeles), Mike Holmgren and, of course, Mike Shanahan - or Isiah, the all-time worst coach/team president in professional sports history.
The Nuggets in particular have been subjected to some disastrous one-party rulers. See Bickerstaff, Bernie and Issel, Dan.
And to think George Karl (allegedly) wanted to supplant Kiki Vandeweghe and control the Nuggets personnel decisions a few years back. For those of you who believe he doesn't give a full effort as coach, imagine him holding both jobs? Yeesh!
Now if the Nuggets could just win a playoff series or - god forbid - two, 2009 could be a great year indeed.

I was hoping to do a longer post tonight but I'm scrambling to get my real work done before taking off tomorrow. Unfortunately I won't be able to watch the next two games against Toronto and Oklahoma City, but I should be back in time for the New Orleans game on Saturday.
Beware of the OKC game on Friday night. It'll be the day after New Year's and those yahoos in Thunder jerseys can't lose every night. READ: Trap Game!
To my fellow Stiffs: have a great and safe New Year's and don't get caught drunk driving on Santa Fe Blvd (an admitted cheap shot).