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This is a team we can get passionate about...

In their cost-cutting mode, the Kroenke Cronies may have handed George Karl and his Nuggets a tough hand to play. But as noted before the arrival of Chauncey Billups, they still have plenty of talent and therefore, no excuses. These players just need to believe in themselves and play hard, and good things will come.

Tonight's win over the Boston Celtics IN Boston was proof of that.

I can't think of a single big road win against a top-tier team that the Nuggets pulled off all last season. Nine games into this new season, the Nuggets pulled off a monster win tonight.

And what I loved about this win was that even though the Nuggets relinquished their second half lead - as they always do - instead of folding like deck chairs they manned up, regained the lead and dominated the Celtics defensively. That's right, defensively.

Obviously, we need to see an effort like this on a nightly basis from here on out if the Nuggets are to secure a playoff berth. But as long as our Nuggets maintain this level of effort, this is a team we can get passionate about. Really passionate.

It may be a stretch to say this, but this Nuggets team has the opportunity to play spoiler like the 2003-04 Detroit Pistons did. Like this season's Nuggets, that Pistons team was talented but undersized, and brought a few hustle players off the bench who knew their roles and played them well. Oh, and their point guard was none other than Chauncey Billups.

I was always excited to see how this incarnation of the Nuggets would perform this season. But after tonight's win, I'm even more so.

Go Nuggets!