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Poor Marcus Camby...

Well, it's a good thing I didn't start J.R. Smith on my fantasy basketball team this week!

I suppose it would have been poetic (or something like that) had former Nugget Marcus Camby sank the game-winning shot for the Clippers to beat our Nuggets tonight. But Camby's missed shot may instead have been a symbol of what the Nuggets have become and no longer are.

Namely, a team that somehow finds a way to win basketball games just one season removed from being a team that routinely gave away would-be wins down the stretch.

So while I may feel sorry for Camby for not getting to exact revenge against the team that unceremoniously gave him away for (literally) nothing, I'm thrilled that the Nuggets are learning how to win consistently.

And for those questioning why George Karl saddled Smith with his first DNP-CD of the season, the Rocky Mountain News' Chris Tomasson is reporting that Smith was extremely late to practice on Monday. As long as all the players receive the same level of discipline, I'm supportive of Karl on this. The Nuggets coach needs to hold players accountable when they step out of line, something that Karl himself admitted he didn't do enough of last season.