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The Nuggets just shouldn't play the Lakers anymore...

I'm sure Kroenke Sports Enterprises was thrilled when the NBA released the schedule for 2008-09 and they got two home dates against the Los Angeles Lakers (the Lakers only came to Denver once last season). After all, in what was sure to be a tough season attendance-wise with the economy in the shitter and the Nuggets roster itself in cost-cutting mode, KSE knew they had at least two guaranteed sell outs on their hands.

After watching the Nuggets lose to the Lakers for the eighth straight time last night, I'm convinced that the Nuggets should just skip all these future Lakers matchups and use that time for extra rest. When you're asking Anthony Carter to guard Kobe Bryant (to quote Clint Howard from Parenthood: "He has no business being out there. NO BUSINESS!!!!") in the fourth quarter, aren't giving a well-rested energy surplus guy like Renaldo Balkman one minute of playing time in a game when the rest of the team is clearly exhausted and allow Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith to revert to rookie-like shot selection, you might as well not show up in the first place.

There were some positives, obviously, as the Nuggets led throughout the first three quarters and hung tough until about five minutes left in the game. But the Nuggets always get dismantled by the Lakers when the game gets tight towards the end of the fourth quarter. They are consistently out-matched from the coaching position all the way down to the last man off the bench and what's worse, they don't seem to have a clue for how to resolve it.

So I say, just forget these Lakers games. Concede three losses to them this season (you've already conceded one), and focus on beating everyone else.

On a side note: I have to admit loving the new Carmelo Anthony hairdo. Maybe it was just the hair, but I thought Melo looked like he was in better shape to start the season than we've seen from him in his career thus far. Of course, being in better shape didn't improve his shot selection.