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New point guard, same results...

Rather than recap the Nuggets latest pathetic loss to the Los Angeles Lakers in detail, I'm just going to link to past posts about the recent spate of Nuggets losses to the Lakers. Because, at the end of the day, all these games are exactly the same....

...George Karl is unable to put together a comprehensive game plan to make the contest competitive.

...Carmelo Anthony cowers and settles for bad jump shots with way too much time on the shot clock.

...The Nuggets rack up way too many turnovers.

...The Nuggets allow the Lakers to score at will, and right at the rim.

If you want to know more, I encourage you to read the following archived posts:

"The Nuggets just shouldn't play the Lakers anymore." (11/2/08)

"Yeah. We quit. Everybody." (4/27/08)

"Why was this game different from all other games?" (4/20/08)

"We got no shot to beat the Lakers." (4/17/08)

"Trust me, we really don't want to play the Lakers." (4/16/08)

I'm going to bed with hopes that when I wake up tomorrow, I'll just pretend this game didn't happen.