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The irony of Rex Chapman luring Antonio McDyess back to Denver...

We've spent so much time talking about how the addition of Chauncey Billups should (in theory) improve the Nuggets that we've overlooked the other key component to the trade: Antonio McDyess.

According to the Rocky Mountain News' Chris Tomasson, former-now-current Nugget McDyess remains angry with the organization for trading him to New York in 2002 (for Marcus Camby and the draft pick that became that was a good trade!). Tomasson mentions in his article that Kroenke Crony Rex Chapman is working on bridging the gap to bring "Dice" back to Denver.

I was going to write a post about the irony of Chapman luring McDyess back to Denver, given that in 1998 it was Chapman who, along with his then Phoenix Suns teammates Jason Kidd and George McCloud, flew to Denver to convince McDyess to re-sign with Phoenix. But the News' Dave Krieger beat me to the punch in a great column today outlining the financial dealings of the McDyess situation.

The only thing Krieger forgets to mention is that then-Nuggets GM Dan Issel (with an assist from McDyess' agent to be sure) essentially held McDyess hostage in McNichols Arena and wouldn't even allow him to speak to his Suns teammates until the deal was signed.

As that story indicates, McDyess' history with the Nuggets organization has been a bizarre one. And it would almost be understandable for him to be reticent about returning to Denver if he wasn't being paid $6.8 million per season for the next two. I don't care how "sensitive" and "loyal" McDyess may be, pay me $6.8 million to play basketball and I'll do it anywhere. Even Oklahoma City.

As a fan, I'm growing increasingly frustrated with McDyess. I thought the Allen Iverson-for-Billups and McDyess trade was a good one because McDyess was included as a Nene/K-Mart insurance policy.

So let's hope McDyess gets over his hurt feelings and shows up in Denver already. Otherwise, this trade doesn't look quite as good.